Update (08/05/2013)

PURPOSE: R code that performs haplotype-based tests for unrelated individuals.

Source R code: HAP-HWE.R

Sample data file: ped.txt

Haplotype block file: block.txt

Output file: results.txt


[1] Wei-Gao Mao, Hai-Qiang He, Yan Xu, Ping-Yan Chen, Ji-Yuan Zhou*. Powerful Haplotype-Based Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Tests. 2013. (Submitted)

[2] Niu T, Qin ZS, Xu X, Liu JS (2002) Bayesian haplotype inference for multiple linked single- nucleotide polymorphisms. Am J Hum Genet 70: 157-169.

[3] Zeng D, Lin DY (2005) Estimating haplotype-disease associations with pooled genotype data. Genet Epidemiol 28: 70-82.